The Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is the College’s central planning and evaluation document. Its development, implementation, and assessment shapes the College’s overall priorities for the next five years. Initiated by the President, gathered from faculty, staff, and students, and compiled by a faculty-staff committee, the plan’s goals and objectives activate the College’s future direction. The Strategic Plan also assesses the progress of our movement and the effectiveness of our efforts.

Following are the Strategic Initiatives for MCCNH for 2016-2021:

1. Prioritize Student Progress

We define student success by how much progress students make toward their ultimate educational goal. In order to support this progress, we encourage students to identify their goals and set clear pathways to reach them. We strive to provide comprehensive advising. We work to ensure students receive necessary knowledge by measuring student learning outcomes. We promote active student engagement and encourage completion of each student’s educational journey with us.

2. Maximize Faculty and Staff Success

The success of our faculty and staff has direct impact on the achievement of our students, our role in the community, and the progress of our institution. We commit to provide a comprehensive professional development program and establish a mentor system for new or transitioning faculty and staff. We endeavor to recognize academic and professional achievements. We will work to develop a holistic health and wellness program. We commit to developing leadership.

3. Foster College-wide Communication

The foundation of a healthy community is clear communication through which all members are well-informed and active participants. In order to ensure this, we commit to utilizing the College’s Communication Plan. We strive to engage all college constituents (students, faculty, staff, administration, advisory boards, and community partners) in institutional planning processes. We will employ Best Practices for our shared Leadership model.

4. Strengthen Community Partnerships

We are proud of the role we serve in the community as an affordable and accessible higher education option and our commitment to preparing students for business and industry. We are equally grateful for the community partners that assist in this mission. We can strengthen these important partnerships through continuing to develop effective and diverse advisory committees. We will work to increase articulation agreements and foster collaboration with transfer institutions. We strive to expand our participation in and partnerships with non- profit and community groups. We continue our synergetic relationship with business and industry to assure we align student knowledge and skills with employer needs.

5. Stimulate Innovation and Growth

We recognize the dynamic world we operate in and are preparing students to enter. In order to keep pace with ever-changing student needs, industry standards, and educational expectations, we celebrate who we are already and are excited by how we can evolve. We can ensure growth by promoting what makes us unique as a college, exceptional as individual departments, and distinctive as academic programs. We encourage faculty and staff to stay current in their field and share advancements with our students. We strive to practice responsible financial stewardship to ensure we have the resources to support our mission and goals. We commit to optimal use of our facilities and challenge ourselves to maximize our engagement with technology.