Becoming a New Student at MCC is easy!

Most programs at MCC are open enrollment. Not sure what program to choose? Review the programs of study or make an appointment to speak to an admissions counselor.

matriculate (ma·tric·u·late): to enroll in a college or university as a candidate for a degree.

I’m ready to become a new student at MCC, take me to…

Step 1: Applying for Admission
Step 2: Applying for Financial Aid
Step 3: Assessment & Testing
Step 4: Advising & Registration
Step 5: Paying for Classes
Step 6: Attend Orientation

1) Applying for Admission

Choose one of the following options for applying for admission to MCC.

Apply Online

Apply online anytime after you’ve created an account. 

Apply in Person

Apply in person with help from one of our Admissions Counselors.

Specific academic programs may require submission of high school transcripts or proof of certain courses taken. Students are strongly encouraged to submit high school transcripts in order to be accurately placed into college courses. Some programs have additional requirements for admission. If your program is listed, please check the program’s page for details:

2) Applying for Financial Aid

Paying for college can be a challenge and to help you meet your college expenses, MCC participates in all forms of Federal Financial Aid. Applying and collecting all documentation early is important. All new students are encouraged to take a few moments to review the following information:

Important Codes for Applying for Financial Aid

FAFSA Title IV Code: 002582

3) Assessment & Testing

Once you have submitted your application, you should work with your advisor to determine your Math and English course placement. If you have completed college coursework at another college or university, please submit that transcript. Your advisor will request your high school transcript, SAT scores or Hi-Set transcript to determine placement. If you do not have one of these we will ask for a writing sample and discuss options with you.

Please contact the Academic Advising Center with any questions at or (603) 206-8140.

4) Advising & Registration

Once you have been accepted into a program and submitted your transcripts, you can begin the advising and registration process.

Note: all students are strongly encouraged to submit high school transcripts in order to be accurately placed into college courses.

The first time you register for classes you will need to meet with an academic advisor prior to registering for your classes online via the Student Information System (SIS) or Student Navigate. All students are always encouraged to meet with advisors prior to registering for the next semester to ensure that you are making progress towards your program of study and your educational goals.

If you have earned prior college credit, please forward an official college transcript to the Office of Admissions. An official transfer credit evaluation will be completed and mailed to you. (Ask your college to include your current name on the transcript as this will allow us to process your application more quickly.)

5) Paying for Classes

If you chose to apply for financial aid and have been accepted into a program, you will receive your Financial Aid Award Letter (please allow 2-3 weeks for processing). Your Award Letter will detail the type of financial aid package you are eligible for. Please note that you must have returned all required financial aid documents, including your Award Letter, by the payment deadline in order to ensure you are not dropped from classes. If your financial aid process is not complete by the payment deadline, you will need to have alternative payment arrangements to cover tuition costs.

Bursar’s Office

MCC provides a variety of payment options for students. The Bursar’s office can help you decide how to combine scholarships, awarded financial aid and your own personal funds to cover your tuition costs.

Veterans and Active Military Duty Personnel

MCC is proud to support all of our military personnel and their families. Students wanting to use veteran’s benefits for educational expenses should contact Evelyn Perron. Verification is done two weeks after classes begin and all documentation needs to be submitted prior to that time. Students should notify the Bursar’s office prior to the payment deadline of any expected veteran’s benefits.

6) Attend Orientation

All new students are encouraged to join us on campus for New Student Orientation (parents are welcome as well!).


Degrees and Certificates

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