When Can I Expect My Loan Refund?

To receive a loan, students must have confirmed enrollment in at least 6 credits at the time funds are applied to student accounts.

What happens after the loan is applied to my student account?

The Bursar’s Office is responsible for disbursing monies to students’ accounts. Once the monies have been posted to a student’s account, the Bursar’s Office has to reconcile all accounts before refunds can be posted, processed and mailed. All refund checks are cut through Nelnet. Federal regulation requires schools to cut these refund checks within 14 calendar days from when a credit balance has been created on a student’s account

How can I monitor my refund?

The fastest way to monitor the status of your refund is to visit Student Information System (SIS). Once you are logged in, select the Student tab, Student Records, Account Summary, By Term. When you see the loan applied to your account AND “MCC Refund” showing, the check will be mailed within 14 calendar days.


If you drop a class(es), officially or unofficially, this may impact your loan eligibility as you must have confirmed enrollment of at least 6 credits at the time the loan is applied to your student account.


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