HVAC243M : DDC and Building Automation Controls I

Introduces electronic environmental and industrial control concepts and equipment to electricians, HVAC technicians and maintenance personnel. Covers basic subject matter such as: introduction to electronics; solid-state theory and devices; digital numbering systems; digital logic; and basic theory of analog and digital control devices and systems. The course then advances to: Computer System architecture; programmable logic controllers; direct digital control for total energy management systems; electronic controls for HVAC equipment; and industrial control devices and systems. Intended for students with prior training in electrical theory and practice with electrical equipment. A review of basic electrical theory precedes the other subject matter, but this review is intended as a brief refresher only and not as preparation for the course material to follow. Prerequisites: HVAC211M, HVAC212M, HVAC213M, HVAC214M, HVAC221M, HVAC222M, HVAC223M, HVAC224M or permission of Department chair, HVAC Program Coordinator or full-time HVAC faculty.