About the MCC Robotics Competition Program

The focus of the Manchester Community College Robotics is 5th-12th grade students in the greater Manchester area, especially women and minorities. Our program is part of the Girl Powered initiative to recruit more women for STEM.

Building Competitive Robotics Teams

MCC Robotics has worked with schools and organizations around the state to create new robotics teams. MCC has hosted several robotics competitions and workshops to support these teams. The program sent many teams to compete at the VEX World Championship.


  • Support the new robotics teams created by the Governor’s NH Robotics Education Development Program and teach them how to be sustainable with proper training and professional development for mentors and teachers.
  • Grow the number of VEX robotics teams in NH.
  • Create new opportunities for students to have hands-on experiences with robots, whether through demonstrations or team competitions.
  • Empower and incentivize the program’s mentors and coaches with resources to effectively run the programs at their schools, as well as remove as many financial barriers as possible.

Robotics Competition Sponsorship

The MCC Robotics program has many goals for this upcoming year, including hosting the annual VEX Robotics competition. — We appreciate your support!

Competition Sponsorship Levels

  • Dave Kelly Commitment to Excellence Award Sponsorship* – $4,800 (1 available)
  • VEX World Championship Team Sponsorship – $2,000 (8 available.)
    More VEX Championship sponsorship options are listed in detail in next section.
  • NH/VT State Champion Award Sponsorship – $1,200 (4 available)
  • NH/VT State Design Award Sponsorship – $1,200 (2 available)
  • NH/VT State Skills Award Sponsorship – $1,200 (2 available)
David Kelly, Founder, Robotics Maker Space

*DAVE KELLY was a robotics mentor for both FIRST and VEX Robotics for over 30 years. He passed away in 2022 after a long battle with ALS. One of his goals was to raise enough sponsorship money for the NH/VT State Championship to help reduce the cost of the VEX World Championship for teams that qualify. The Dave Kelly Commitment to Excellence Award pays the registration fee for award winners!

Donate or Become Program Sponsor!

Use the “Donate Today” button and designate which award you would like to sponsor. Donations can also be made in any amount towards each of the areas above. 

Sponsorships are Tax Deductible (Tax ID 90-0531902).

NH/VT VEX State Championship at MCC

Every year MCC Robotics is proud to host the NH/VT VEX Robotics Competition State Championship event. Eighty teams from across New Hampshire and Vermont gather at MCC for the weekend to compete for the NH/VT Championship.

VEX State Championship Sponsorship Levels

There are several VEX State Championship sponsorship opportunities available. This chart lists the benefits for each sponsorship level. 

Gold Sponsors
Silver Sponsors
Bronze Sponsors

Onsite demo by the MCC Robotics team

Main Field Naming for only 3 Sponsors

Visibility on ALL event marketing materials

Plus Silver and Bronze incentives

Corporate name or logo on event t-shirt

Signage on VEX field

Plus Bronze incentives

Visibility on event banner and scrolling event monitors

Company listed in event program

Donate or Become a VEX Championship Event Sponsor!

Sponsorships are Tax Deductible (Tax ID 90-0531902).

For more information about the VEX Competition event at MCC and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Dan Larochelle at dlarochelle@ccsnh.edu or (603) 440-4054.