Whichever Computer Science program students pursue at MCC, they work with the latest software and technology – in hands-on, interactive classroom labs.

Computer Science Programs at MCC were developed with the idea that every company is a computer company. We provide our students with the ability to gather and process information in order to develop solutions, solve problems and unravel mysteries through programming and investigations. Our students are taught the importance of documentation and the ability to express technical thoughts, ideas and creations as professionals in a way that can be communicated in layman’s terms.

Our Programming Degrees deal with classic programming as well as programming for the Internet of Things (IoT). Students work with the cutting edge technology they will find in life, creating programs and applications that give them the power to change the world while making their future a better place for all.

Our Cybersecurity Investigations Program has been created by industry experts to insure our students learn the technical skills and standards to gain the abilities and knowledge necessary to succeed in this exploding field. Students are taught to look objectively at evidence teaching them to locate hidden and deleted information necessary to complete cyber investigations in this field filled with opportunities.

Associate Degree Programs

Certificate Programs

Programming Certificate

Designed to prepare students for careers in computer programming.