June 6, 2023

Manchester Community College (MCC) held its 77th commencement on Tuesday, May 23rd at 2:00pm at Northeast Delta Dental Stadium. MCC handed diplomas to more than 200 graduates in attendance. Of note, the class of 2023 includes nine students who simultaneously graduated MCC (with degrees in Advanced Manufacturing) and Spark as the first-ever graduating class of Spark Academy. “This is a finish line of sorts for our students, but it is also a new beginning,” explained Dr. Brian Bicknell, President of Manchester Community College. “We are so excited to celebrate the accomplishments of this special and history-making class of graduates.”

This year, the Commencement address was given by Oscany DeJesus, who is a Manchester Community College alum who received her Associate of Science degree in Mathematics in 2018 and then went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from UNH in 2021. Upon graduation, Oscany worked at Pratt & Whitney as an Associate Design Engineer, before deciding to return to MCC to teach math at Spark Academy. She is also a member of MCC’s Advisory Board. Ms. DeJesus shared her story of growing up as the daughter of a single immigrant mother who sacrificed to support her children. The theme of Oscany’s message was “There are infinite realities that can come from the choices that you make.”

“I ask my students sometimes to define infinity. Most of the time, I get blank stares or they give me some really big number. But infinity is a concept. It’s limitless; endless in space, extent, or size; it’s impossible to measure or calculate. Infinite. Infinite realities. Limitless realities. That is how many realities you are able to choose from and to take action towards and to manifest and create. I believe anyone can choose any reality they want.”

The student reflection was presented by Sarswati Rai, an MCC accounting grad from Nepal who was selected by her peers to address their class. Sarswati emphasized the positive impact she felt as a part of MCC student clubs and extracurricular activities. “Being in a club is like living a metaphor; it is not obvious but has a profound impact. Although we do not receive instant return for our time and effort, we are rewarded through experiences and the time spent with others working towards the same goal.”

The National Anthem was sung acapella by MCC nursing grad Jillian Mann. CCSNH Trustee Donnalee Lozeau also addressed the grads, stating, “you leave here poised to make a difference– not just in your own lives, but in your community and your state, and for that we are grateful and proud.”

President Bicknell awarded the president’s award to Rosemary Julia Ostrowski, graphic design grad, for achieving the highest cumulative grade point average of the Class of 2023.

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