MCC Extends TechWise Training Program: Apply Now!

December 4, 2023

MCC’s In-Demand TechWise Training Continues

Building on the success of the launch of this exciting new program and continued student demand, the Manchester Community College Computer Science department is extending its partnership with the TechWise program, supported by TalentSpring and Google. This collaboration uniquely positions students from MCC’s diverse Computer Science programs, including Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity, Cloud Services IT, Extended Reality, and Cybersecurity Investigations, to advance their tech careers in the upcoming third cohort of TechWise.

The proven reputations of both TalentSprint and Google have created high demand along with excellent academic results after the first round of training was completed.  Eleven MCC students were initially accepted into the program, which featured free direct training by Google and TalentSprint. The tech giant chose MCC earlier this year for a virtual program designed to build entry-level software developer expertise. The students built technical expertise through peer learning, as well as hands-on learning, and mentoring sessions by Google.

It also included a stipend awarded at intervals over the course of the 18-month program.

“MCC’s participation in TechWise Cohort 2 demonstrated significant outcomes for students, reinforcing the college’s commitment to practical, future-focused education in computer science,” explains Brian Bicknell, President of Manchester Community College. “TechWise, with its blend of mentorship, scholarships, and industry-aligned training, complements the innovative teaching approaches of MCC’s Computer Science and Innovation programs.”

The students who have joined this program have already made impressive strides:

      • 18 full-time roles secured by students

      • 22 internships completed

      • 7 students advanced their education in 4-year colleges

      • 2 students pursued Masters degrees

    The third cohort of this program will include 100% scholarships to the Techwise program, reducing financial barriers to advanced education, as well as an additional $4,250 in financial support to empower their learning journey.  There are also direct mentorship opportunities from experts at Google, providing industry insights and guidance.  There is also access to Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Computer Science resources, enhancing students’ academic experience

    Through this continued partnership, MCC affirms its role as a leading institution in tech education, preparing students for the dynamic demands of the tech industry,” explains Peter LaMonica, Chair of the Computer Science Department at MCC. “The college’s robust computer science curriculum, combined with the practical, real-world experiences offered by TechWise, sets students on a path to success and innovation.”

    Applications for TechWise Cohort 3 are now open to MCC students. The process is streamlined and accessible, encouraging all eligible students to seize this opportunity for professional growth. Contact Peter La Monica, Computer Science Department Chair at to learn more.

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