MCC Nurses Pass the Test!

December 13, 2023
Students in the MCC Nursing Program learn in a high-tech lab setting.

100% NCLEX Pass Rate for MCC Nursing Students

If you were to spend some time with the students in the Manchester Community College Nursing program, a few themes quickly start to emerge about the culture at MCC.  You’ll hear a lot about camaraderie and support between and within the staff and the nursing students. — Close knit. Supportive. Team.

Program Director Kimberly Perrotta sets that tone with all new students, along with a simple expectation: “The person who’s successful is someone who really wants it, who really wants to be a nurse.”

There’s no grey area with nursing degrees. To become an RN, every student must pass the national NCLEX test, which essentially gauges one’s knowledge of the profession. To become a registered nurse, this is the universal hurdle nationwide.

Last time out, MCC had 57 nursing students take the NCLEX. All 57 passed the test on their first attempt.

MCC’s Nursing Program Provides Superior Training

The reputation of this program has stretched into hospitals and medical offices all around the area. MCC nursing graduates are in high demand in a profession that is suffering workforce shortages at nearly every level of operation.

Since 2019, more than 80% of MCC nursing graduates have stayed in the greater Manchester area (92% have stayed in NH as a whole) to work.

“Grads stay in the area because we have phenomenal relationships with the local hospitals.  We also have highly committed, exceptional faculty. This results in a rich, diverse clinical experience for the students,” says Kimberly Perrotta, Director of the MCC Nursing and Allied Health Program

“We are so proud to see MCC graduates working on the nursing floors alongside our current students during clinicals. Our connection to health care providers helps solidify the workforce pipeline, while keeping us attuned to what our students need to know.  We can adjust and improve our nursing program to match the changing and evolving needs of the profession,” adds Perrotta.

It’s a tough job.  It will test the mettle of all who choose this calling.  It can be very challenging.  But Perrotta and her team have built a support system within the program that assures every student goes through this program with a sense of being a part of a larger team.  57 out of 57 NCLEX results clearly show the approach is working.

Explore the MCC Nursing Program.

Now is the time. If you would like to explore MCC’s Associate Degree in Nursing (RN) Program or the LPN to RN Option, sign up for one of our Nursing Program Information Sessions to learn more. 

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